Licen­se con­tracts with decade-long con­tract peri­ods ensu­re that SILAG Han­del AG has exten­si­ve rights to many pro­ducts and thus also gua­ran­tee long-term suc­cess– for busi­ness part­ners too.

Along with the estab­lis­hed brands of “Car­re­ra” and “Roy­al Coun­ty of Berkshire POLO CLUB” we were also able to acqui­re the world-famous brands „SANTA BARBARA POLO & RAQUET CLUB”. The port­fo­lio is roun­ded off by the deve­lo­p­ment of a com­pre­hen­si­ve cooking-system patent and the re-launching of the brands “Nivel­la”, „Chro­mo­lit” and “Küchen­meis­ter”.

Occu­p­y­ing the repre­sen­ta­ti­ve brand cul­tu­re gua­ran­tees suc­cess for com­pa­ny stra­te­gy and enab­les SILAG Han­del AG to deve­lop pro­ducts on a lar­ge sca­le ali­gned to mar­ket deman­ds, pro­du­ce them under their own brands and posi­ti­on them on the mar­ket.

The SILAG group is explo­ring new and pro­mi­sing paths with the deve­lo­p­ment of new pro­ducts. The brands “Roy­al Coun­ty of Berkshire POLO CLUB“ and „SANTA BARBARA POLO & RAQUET CLUB” are pri­ma­ri­ly used for the spe­cia­list and mass mar­kets in the midd­le to hig­her con­su­mer ran­ges. The own-brand ran­ge in the world of “Car­re­ra” is pro­mi­n­ent­ly posi­tio­ned in the out­door, gar­den, leisu­re and DIY sec­tors and will con­ti­nue to be expan­ded sus­tainab­ly in future. In the area of tex­ti­les, SILAG Han­del AG works to BSCI stan­dards and with appro­pria­te­ly cer­ti­fied com­pa­nies.

Examp­les of our pro­duct ran­ge