Know­ledge is afford­a­ble: SILAG Media AG was able to acqui­re the brand and name rights of the publisher Karl Mül­ler GmbH (Colo­gne, foun­ded 1967) in 2008. Along with the purcha­se of important brands resul­ting from this and by con­stant­ly estab­li­shing and publi­cis­ing its­elf in the mar­ket, SILAG Media AG is achie­ving very suc­cess­ful deve­lop­ment with a focus on the con­su­mer while also pro­du­cing books, sound record­ings and games. Fur­ther­mo­re, we car­ry well-known licen­ces such as “Selbst ist der Mann”, “Ein Herz für Tie­re” or “Hexe Lil­li”. The­se brands are being re-launched wit­hin the com­pa­ny accord­ing to the phi­lo­so­phy of “know­ledge is afford­a­ble“.

Sin­ce Novem­ber 2011, SILAG Media AG has also been ent­it­led to use the regis­te­red Chain-of-Custody trade­mark for pro­duc­tion and tra­de in media pro­duc­tions.


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