Have you alrea­dy found your care­er ori­en­ta­ti­on? Do you know exact­ly what your strengths are and in what direc­tion you want to steer your spe­cia­list care­er or manage­ment track? If not, then you need to make a chan­ge in your life and set yourself a new chal­len­ge. One of our vacan­cy adver­ti­se­ments could be the start of a suc­cess­ful care­er track with SILAG Han­del AG.

Inte­res­ting fiel­ds of acti­vi­ty await you. Plea­se send mea­ning­ful app­li­ca­ti­on docu­ments with details of your sala­ry expec­ta­ti­ons and your ear­liest pos­si­ble star­ting date, in wri­ting only, to:


Lie­big­str. 1–9
40764 Lan­gen­feld

or to our post box, Post­fach 40 02 10
40242 Düs­sel­dorf

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